If It's Not Fresh, It's Not  Authentic.                                              FRESH, AUTHENTIC MEXICAN FOOD IN WEST ST. PAUL, MN

Taco Libre in , Minnesota’s newest destination for authentic Mexican cuisine and the unity of American and Mexican traditions in a fun, exciting environment. Though our restaurant highlights the luchador lifestyle, our main focus is creating the best Mexican food around. With a background in the restaurant industry and a owner from Mexico City, we know just how to provide a quality, authentic dining experience for all lunch and dinner guests. 

We respect the Mexican culture and the magnificent cuisine that comes with it. To honor this culture and that of America, we strive to provide the best dining experience, which means treating our guests to friendly service and food that features authentic Mexican recipes and the freshest ingredients. We invite you to come in today and experience Mexican cuisine in , MN, as it should be: fast, fresh and fulfilling.

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